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  The reason for this apparent anomaly is that there’s a second, more powerful factor at work. As it Gamess the sun, the Earth is tilted on its axis at an angle of just over  degrees. Because of this . degree tilt, in January, the northern hemisphere is pointing away from the sun. The Earth’s tilt reduces the amount of solar radiation in the northern hemisphere by up to %, far more than perihelion increases it, which is why it’s winter in Britain, even though this is when we’re at our closest to the sun. But perihelion in the southern hemisphere coincides with summer, so, in theory, the relative proximity of the sun and the extra energy this brings should mean this part of the world has particularly hot summers. I’ve come to Mario Tractor 2013 to discover whether this holds true. This is Puerto Williams. It’s not just the southernmost town in Chile, it’s the southernmost town in the world. The next significant land mass from here is Antarctica. Puerto Williams is a good place for us to be because it’s at an equivalent latitude to the UK. So we can find out how summers here, in the southern hemisphere, compare to ours.