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Mario victory day I’d Like You To Meet Tyler, His First Day With Us. He Told Me Your Names Game I Was So Nervous I Forgot Them All. I’m Asking You. Hera. Have You Been Here Long, Hera? A While. This Is My First Day. So What Do You Think? The Process? Yes. It’s Pretty Straightforward. You’ve Got Guidelines, You’ve Got Violations. When You See One, You Push A Button. That’s About It. You Can Make It More Complicated, If You Want Game But Game That’s A Matter Of Personal Taste. Projection In Theater ”A” Will Commence In One Minute. Can I Sit Beside You For The Next One? I Usually Prefer To Sit Alone. Why? So I Can Concentrate. On What? The Screen. Oh Game Did You Make That List Yet? No. Any Idea When It Might Be Ready? What If I Don’t Make One? Why Not? Why? To Make Your Claim. Everything Is Destroyed. That’s Not The Point. What Is? To Have Something To Work With, Something Game Something To Show. We Know What I’m Covered For. You Saw The State Of Everything. I Don’t See The Point Of Itemizing What We Already Know Game It’s A Complete Loss. Oh Game It’s Not That Simple. What About The Jewelry? Now, They Remained Untouched. So? Game That Amount Could Be Deducted From Your Claim. Then Why Would We Even Game List It? What Do You Mean? If Any Item I Retrieve Is Game Deducted From My Claim, Wouldn’t It Be To My Advantage Not To List Anything Game Whose Physical State Game Considering The Extent Of The Fire, Is Game Surprisingly Intact? Mixed Sounds From Television Isn’t It A Bit Early? Simone Is Sleeping. When You First Showed Them To Her, She Could Barely Watch. Now, She’s Game Addicted? That Doesn’t Bother You? That’s The Point Of Your Job! Since When Have You Thought Of My Job? How Is Your Little Colony? I Made An Appointment To See Someone Tomorrow. A Specialist. Who’s This? He Works For A Film Company. I Talked To Him Earlier Today. What Did He Want? He Wants To Use Our House As A Location. He Said He’d Come By First Thing Tomorrow Morning. He Wants To Take Some Pictures Of The Inside. That’s Great Game That’s Great Game