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And I lead with my butt. See? Okay, you see my form? Yes. See how everything is tight? Nine. Last one, ten. Great, swap it out. Swap it out. Big focus, come on, big focus. I started Power Life because I wanted to give people power for their own lives. When I hear someone say, “I wish I had the perfect body,” I think to myself, what is that? We all have our own perfection. Maybe you want to compete in a marathon. Or maybe you just want to feel super-confident in a bikini. Or maybe all you’re after is that little bit of extra energy when you get home from work so you’ve got energy to play with your kids. Close your eyes games and hold that goal in your mind. And make it happen. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. games it’s all coming from here. It’s got to come from the back in here, okay? Yeah. And one more. Good. I’m gonna give you ten pound weights. Really? Okay. Honestly, I had been to a lot of trainers before, and I had never found a program that I could stick with until I started working with Kat. She’s amazing. She loves her job, she loves life, and it just makes you want to work harder and do better. Your back really straight, and then you push with your butt, right? Push that out, and you kind of lead with it. Try to go as deep as you can, okay? Hey games hey, what’s up, man? I like your hat. I don’t mean to bother you. You games I’m new in town, so games I got a kind of dumb question I was wondering if you could help me with. Do you smoke? You know where I can get some games weed? Do I look like a drug dealer to you? Drugs, not games I mean, weed, weed, weed. I’m an undercover cop. Are you really? Well games bullshit. You got a badge? Show me your badge. No, I’m kidding. I’m not a cop. I am a lawyer, though. Yeah? Yeah? What kind? Criminal lawyer? No, no, commercial games business. You know, contracts and shit. Yeah? Yeah. Hey, you got a card? You want games you want my card? Yeah, if you got one. All right, yeah. I’ll give you my card. No shit. Yeah. I could probably use someone like you on the games team.