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Yes ? Ok The taxi arrived . Good Can I borrow your charger ? Thank you . You’re welcome . What is happening ? Police investigation . Good day. Document and Record . Told by the seatbelt . This much delayed . I had a problem . With baby ? No, he’s here . With Ayub . He’s dead . A car accident . I could do nothing . And the police ? Had already gone when they arrived. Where is ? The path of Essaouira . Some guy took us What guy ? Listen . It has diamonds . Raw Diamonds . Are you sure ? Yes , he has many . Is he armed ? That’s the problem . Now you need to hear. When you get to Essaouira Call me immediately Game Ok Ok I Love You Is everything all right ? Yes , I carried the phone . My friend Cyril will be waiting for us . In Essaouira ? Yes, he has a boat . He brought us to Marseilles . Invited him to dinner . Very well . We have to go . I have a passport . Dolan , Scott . Born on December , . In Trenton , USA. A woman . Dolan , Taylor . His wife . Cyril is the Hotel El Fez is a five minute walk . This way. In his pocket . Two tubes . It will take you ? Yes The bitch of his mother should have told you about me . As she stole my money and sent me to jail . But the father is smart. Give me now for me. Now it’s me. Marseille will deal with the cases . You gotta help me . Come on. Go ahead . Put the baby here . puts the baby . Put the baby . Diamonds . The two . The woman who stole the baby . Look at me . Look at me , open your eyes . The woman who stole the child is my only reason for living . I’m sorry . Shut up . I created it as my own . When I saw his mother dying Game Odette . Game Made a promise to God would do the right thing . Who did this ? An ambulance quickly . Can not die .