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You still have to look after yourself. Tonight you turned down a healthy supper for fast food. You’ve drunk a fair amount of wine and now you’re smoking. Is there anymore wine? Or have we run out? This is a palace, we don’t run out. I didn’t think you’d have a television. Of course, I love telly. What do you watch? Everything. Series and stuff. My favorite is Casualty. It was on tonight, so I videod it. What? They’re defending too deep. really? Come on, push up! Push up! See, that’s what happens. You can’t give Liverpool that much space to plan, they’ll walk right through you. Who are the blue ones? I don’t think I should drive home. Well, the tube is still running. But if I leave my car here, it’ll be sold for scrap. I was joking. I already called for a driver. The service here is rather good. We should really have horsedrawn carriages at the ready. The full Windsor experience. I’m used to horsedrawn carriages. I were driven to school in them. Pakistan? Games Yes. Freezing cold, huddled under blankets. My friends and I, we would breathe the cold air out and pretend we were smoking. That’s where the bad habits started. I don’t have any bad habits. How do I get out? The paratroopers are waiting for you outside. They drag you to the tower of London. Where the Prince of Wales will personally interrogate you. With his favorite set up of medieval torturing lines. Yes. Yes, I was going to ask about him. Don’t you read the papers? Not those bits, sorry. I’m glad somebody doesn’t. Charles and I live separate lives. So it’s alright me coming here? More than alright. I’ll call you soon, if you like. Yes. Yes, I would like that. Good night. Good night. Wonderful cooking. There’s no one theme called jazz, right? So when he says he likes jazz Game That’s like saying, I like food. People who like different kinds of jazz come to blows. It’s very weird, from an intense young man. He’s so young. Right, so. Choose something, anything. Good, yeah. Stick it on. You have to sit and listen.