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He’s running something illegal out of that house. Bet on it. Or he’s just some hillbilly lunatic who thinks the state’s gonna take his house. Oh my god! TIRES SQUEALING Oh, Game ! Stop! I’m standing on the brake! SCREAMING CRASH Sorry about that. ALL BREATHING HEAVILY NICK OFFSCREEN Are you OK? Are you OK? OK. ALL BREATHING HEAVILY What the did you do? You drove us in a ing circle? What are you talking about? That can’t be the house. Then I hell is it? We left the house miles back in the opposite direction. RYAN OFFSCREEN You drove us in a circle and you didn’t know it? CHRIS OFFSCREEN How? We all saw the signs. We were heading south. The house was north. EVE OFFSCREEN CALLING Nick? Nicky? I smell gasoline. What? I smell gasoline. Oh, Jesus. OK, OK. NICK OFFSCREEN Come on, come on. Let me get you out of here. RYAN OFFSCREEN To where? Where? Anywhere. Just away from this van. I have to sit down. Hey, wasn’t that guy the guy from the diner we almost hit up there? Up where? What the hell are you talking about? I don’t even see the ridge that we came from. No, look, he’s got to be getting help though, right? Well, shouldn’t one of us at least try to get back to the road to let them know where to find us? GASP He kicked. But Game but that’s good, though, right? Nick, feel. CHRIS OFFSCREEN There’s nobody in the surrounding forest that I can see. And, uh, the house is empty. What? You went inside? I didn’t think it could be the same house. And? Same porch. Same tree. Same lion out front. I swear, I did not drive us in a circle, but unless that house is following us, that must be what I did. I’m sorry. This is ing great, you guys. Evie, Evie, it’s gonna be OK, all right? I’m gonna fix this. How? SHAKILY It’s gonna be cold and dark soon, and I’m really not feeling well. LILLITH OFFSCREEN We need to keep her warm, Nick. We need shelter where she can rest while we get help. BIRD SCREECHING WIND WHISTLING Nick? LEAVES RUSTLING CLANG You sure the house is empty?