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Do you think Fridtjof Nansen turned and went home at the first obstacle? We’re Norwegians with a rich cultural heritage. We’re Vikings, goddamn it! Olav Tryggvason sacrificed his life for the Norwegian cultural heritage. And this celebration is part of that heritage. And THAT shouldn’t be pissed on! Who will represent the Ødvåggraduates at the festival? WE will! Drillo, Martin Schanche, Jan Eggum, Jahn Teigen, Gitarkameratene, Knutsen & Ludvigsen, Norway’s backbone. What do they have in common? They were all graduates! The Eidsvolldeclaration, where was it signed? At the graduates’ festival! By graduates! DURING CELEBRATION! ARE YOU WITH ME!? What the hell are you doing? Hey! Game ! God damnit! Get down! Wait, listen to me! Is our grad celebration really over already? None of you wanna go to the festival? The cash box is stolen, remember? Uh, well, yes! But do you think Fridtjof Nansen turned Game KonTiki around when it started leaking? Nansen went to the North Pole, you Game ing retard! But we’re Vikings? They celebrated graduation, right? What are you talking about? The grad festival! We’re going, ok? Who’s coming!? Idiot! Game ing loser! Embarrassing! Hey, I’m coming! Me, too. My absence rate’s so bad, I don’t give a Game . But promise me some vagina on the trip. For a hunk like you, Kjellis, that shouldn’t be a problem! Guys, do you think I can join you on the trip? Urk! Does Uglis have to come? Of course you can come! Now we just need a bus! My uncle has a bus in his barn. Might need some fixing. Might be dead, I don’t know. Has it goth far? Forget it. Truls, wait. Wanna come as well? Maybe you could get us a deal on the bus? Maybe. What would it cost? Don’t know, maybe ? Ouch. ? Yes? Where can we get k? All right then, let’s do this! We’re gonna need a bigger bus Game My God, the bus is in a worse condition than Uglis! Hello, I’m standing right here! Oh, sorry, then. It’s in worse condition than Vigdis. So we’re paying for that wreck? Doesn’t even look like it can roll. No, no Game It’s perfect!