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Are you single? Not now, mom Ask the nice man for his number I didn’t believe one could find love, especially on the Internet. I still can’t believe what they just said. But I realized my mistake. I was always focused on why things didn’t work. Then I realized that instead of looking for someone ideal, I should look for someone who makes up for my deficiencies. The thing about the real Hania is she’s not perfect either. She’s annoying, neurotic, she talks way too much and she’s the sloppiest eater I have ever seen But she’s not afraid to be herself. And she knows better than me that in life you should fight not for what you want, but for what you need. If you had told me this months ago, I’d laugh at you. But now I’ll say it from this stage: honesty takes guts. And not everyone has what it takes. People like Hania do. It’s easier to do what I do: to mock others. But I never had the courage to stop pretending. And that’s why I’m alone. So you want to know who the real Hania is? She’s right in front of you.