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Game Ninety meetings in days. Okay. Game Call me every day. Game Fine. You pray every day. Game I’m kind of an atheist. Game All right. Okay! All right, fine. Dude, I’ll do whatever I gotta do. Listen to me. Higher power doesn’t have to be some old dude with a beard in the sky, okay? It just has to be something that’s bigger than you. I’m pretty big. Game And no more lame jokes, all right? Game Okay. Game Stop that shit. Game Okay. No subway, no Internet. Game Are you fucking serious, dude? Game I am serious, are you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Game No. No worries. Game Not a problem. Game I can Game I’ll talk to you later. Game We’ll talk and I’ll Game You can call me. Game That was a stupid share, dude. Game Thanks. I love when people just bring it. It was Game You were, like, an open wound out there. It was Game Your guts were flopping out all over the place. Thanks. Game That was some inspiring shit, yo. Game Yeah. I’m Dede. Game I know who you are. Game Can I get your number? My sponsor told me to get numbers, but I’m not good at that reaching out shit. It’s Game Game You ready? Game Yeah. Okay. Game Game Game . Game Okay. Game Game Game . Game Yeah. Zero Game uno Game cuatro Game niner. Game Game . Dude, you’re a doorbell. Ding dong. Game I’m gonna call you. Game I’m gonna friggin’ answer. How’s it going with the girl? Game Good. We had our first date. Game Nice. Is she a friend of Bill? No, she’s a civilian. She’s great, she’s funny, she’s smart. And you’re a shallow prick, so she must be gorgeous. No, man, at this point in my sobriety, I don’t even notice the externals of a woman. Yeah, fuck you, Deepak. I’m just focused right in on her heart and soul. Game Yeah, right. Game I swear. Yeah. You know if it keeps going well, you got to tell her, right? Game Yeah. Game Full disclosure. I’m a little worried about that. Well, worry is just a meditation on shit. Good morning. Morning. So Game What the fuck, Danny? Building you guys a koi pond. Koi pond? Yeah.