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 You have bad face. You are pale. You’re going to end like Don Quixote with so many books. From so much reading and little sleep his brain dried. Well, I have to go. Yes, it’s three. Let’s do one thing, you come on Sunday to eat and we talk quieter, ok. Ok, thanks Mega Boulder Rampage. No, for anything. – Goodbye, my love. – See you later. Take care, Mega Boulder Rampage. I don’t know where he get so much energy. He could lend me some of this. Always I had a very low mood, but moreover in this days I sleep wrong, I’m depressed. You want to see my psychiatrist. No, no, you know what I think of these tricksters of conscience. – So bad you feel at work. – No, no, not that, the contrary. I can not really complain. I’m surrounded by books. That’s reassuring me. I hardly sleep at night. I have nightmares. And you refuse to take sleeping pills. Dad’s death affected me more than I thought. I decided to be seriously worried about the ranch. Ah, well, that’s fine. You know, sometimes I dream about it. I wonder why dad stopped going to the ranch.