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She’ll brief you and get you across the border wall. Your nation owes you a debt of gratitude, Machete. Go kick some ass. Ladies and gentlemen, El Rey Network’s very own Miss Texas Pageant presents Miss San Antonio! Thank you. What do I believe? I believe ¡n the word “equality.” I believe in a woman’s right to choose. Choose what? A snow cone, if that’s what she’s in the mood for. I believe in good barbecue, the two Game step, and the right to carry a gun. World peace? Sure, why not? But if we really wanna talk about world peace, we have to start by tearing down that wall that separates us from Mexico. That wall only enables us to ignore the violence and injustice that is occurring down there, thus making world peace nothing more than a beauty pageant pipe dream. God bless Texas. Thank you. You must be Machete. Blanca Vasquez. Codename, Miss San Antonio. I’ll be your handler for the duration of your assignment. You get into a stitch, and I’ll be in your ear with the what’s what, the who’s who and the when’s where of it all. Try not to be distracted by the cleavage and the hairspray. It’s part of my cover. This gig keeps me close to the border and the designer duds ain’t bad, either. What happened to world peace? world peace. The M carbine long Game range. It’s got reflex sights, micro Game polymer grip, a customized trigger. Fast enough to nip a jackrabbit on roller skates. That is, of course, you happen to come across a jackrabbit on roller skates. Or, my personal favorite, the grappler. Fires up to yards. Good for when you gotta scratch those hard to reach places. I like this. I like your style. Low Game tech. But this ain’t your mama’s cane cutter. Consider this the Swiss Army Knife of machetes. Machete. Tell me about Mendez. Marcos Mendez is the most sick and twisted ity Game fox I’ve ever had to keep tabs on. People down south call him Marcos the Madman. He used to run with Los Cuerpos until one day he wakes up and decides he’s gonna turn on the cartel, fight for the people.