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Mia Cooking Lasagna Grass is a tough, abrasive food. Even with protective enamel ridges, these teeth would gradually have worn down. But just like modern elephants, the mammoths had evolved a way to deal with this. As one set of teeth was eroded, another grew up to take its place. The evidence suggests they had six sets in all, to last a lifetime – up to  years. The south dakota mammoth didn’t make it to old age and it was not alone. The site turned out to be a mammoth graveyard, hiding more than  skeletons all from Games in their prime. There’s no sign they were killed by hunters, so how did so many healthy mammoths die? The site was once a spring-fed pond, full of water. Mammoths were tempted in to drink… but when they tried to climb back out the banks were steep and Mia Cooking Lasagna… just like the short-faced bear imprisoned underground, some became trapped… scavengers would have been attracted by the mammoths’ plight… the bones of wolf, coyote and the short-faced bear have also been recovered from the dried up sediment. The search for food was probably their downfall too.