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Mini Siege 4 in the war against the imperialists. We will escalate our attacks until imperialism is defeated in Vietnam. That was Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground. He bombed the Pentagon and says he wished he could have done more. He’s now a college professor. And who are his agents of American imperialism? Meet John Fer. I always adored flying. And I built and flew model airplanes since I was five years old. And so eventually become a pilot in the Air Force. But things didn’t work out so well for John Fer. And they blew the airplane out of the sky. I landed on the ground and then I was marched off to the interrogation room. I was absolutely shocked at the threshold that I had to cry uncle. I wanted to turn off the pain. Why did you go to Vietnam? I believed that we were doing the right thing of helping the South Vietnamese stand on their own two feet, so that one day then we could extract ourselves and we would have a free South Vietnam. I was there to give opportunity for the South Vietnamese people to exercise their own destiny. John Fer would spend the next six years in the famed POW prison, the Hanoi Hilton. I came home to a different America. Whatever you think about the Vietnam War, America wasn’t stealing from the Vietnamese. And in Iraq, we spent a whole bunch of money and then we turned over the oil fields to the Iraqis. Under the conquest ethic, we would have kept it. In Afghanistan after /, the US military, even while bombing terrorist targets, was delivering food rations to Afghan civilians. And far from stealing, America rebuilt Germany and Japan after World War ll. Contrary to the Zinn narrative, we’re not the bad guys of the world. As Colin Powell said, “The only land that America asks for abroad is land to bury our dead.” Finally, capitalism. Does it rip off the consumer? Welcome to Delish Dinesh. Can I help you? I’ll take a hamburger. $.. Maria just paid $. for that hamburger. Ek burger jaldi banao. But the cost of me making the hamburger, with food, labor, rent, insurance, advertising, permits game Hey, boss, soda machine broken again. game equals $.. Leaving me with a whopping % or cent profit. The best way to judge if I’m ripping her off is to see what it would cost for her to make the burger at home. Maria’s burger has the same stuff as Delish Dinesh. But when you add it up, Maria’s homemade burger costs $. . That’s cents more than the burger at my restaurant. And that doesn’t even factor in the time that it cost her to make it. Does this work for the big companies, too? And we are calling it iPhone. Steve Jobs, did he rip people off? He created products that people didn’t even know they wanted or needed. But once he made them available, they clamored for them and stood in line to buy them and freely spent their money for them. There’s no ripoff. Capitalism works not through coercion or conquest, but through the consent of the consumer. To see why there’s so much inequality, consider the example of Zinn’s own disciple Matt Damon. Here he is in The Bourne Ultimatum. Here he is in The Bourne Identity.