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Minion adventure Oh Game As a foreign guest, you’ll need to be accompanied. You understand? Of course. ELEVATOR BEEPS AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE SPEAKING RUSSIAN Viktor Cherevin. Jack Ryan. How was your flight? Fine, thank you. And the jet lag? That first night can be brutal. I survived. That’s a nice painting. Napoleon at war. So, you know your history. What can I do for you? Routine audit. So routine it couldn’t be done from New York? Not when you’re concealing accounts from us. You Americans like to think of yourselves as direct. But I wonder if perhaps you are just rude. You Russians think of yourselves as poets, but perhaps you’re just touchy. CHUCKLES SOFTLY Nothing here is concealed. Only secured. COMPUTER CHIMES Excuse me. BEEPS I hope I can count on full access to your account files? You won’t need it. I ordered the companies which concerned you, quite unnecessarily, I might add, to be sold, at a profit. Your firm’s percentages are detailed in this report. The funds were transferred this morning, too late, alas, to stop you from getting on your flight. So, you see, an audit would be quite without purpose at this point, Mr. Ryan. I see. Partnerships are delicate, Mr. Ryan. Sometimes, they end violently. Dimitri Lemkov, our head of security. Jack Ryan. I’m sorry you had to come all this way for nothing, Mr. Ryan. STAMMERS I hear the finest restaurant in Moscow is across the street. Um Game In honor of our partnership and to, quite frankly, apologize for my mistake, perhaps I could take you to dinner. No. But I’ll take you. And I insist my driver pick you up from your hotel. Moscow can be very dangerous. Our own man, for example, who collected you from the airport. Embee. We are very concerned. He has simply disappeared. I’m sorry to hear that. No doubt he will turn up in a day or two, hungover and remorseful. Will your wife be joining us tonight? Uh Game CHUCKLES I’m not married. Oh. I was just told that she had arrived at your hotel. Uh, my girlfriend. Even better, and our little secret. You’re having fun with me. Not nearly enough.