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Modern Design 3 you know you’re attractive. It’s annoying. Wow, amazing hair and I’m attractive? Yeah, here I go. Wait a minute. Are you into me? No, god, I’m not into you. I mean, would I have with you? Yeah, probably, but that does not mean that I’m into you. You’d have with me? Wow, I mean, I’m not surprised. I’m just surprised that you actually admitted that. Oh, my god, it’s . Women should be able to openly talk about . I mean, I know what year it is. I’m just saying game Okay, here’s the thing, prom king. Women think about all the time, Including your precious, wonderful heather. So if she wanted you in her bed, You wouldn’t be in this car with me right now. And that is a fact. Oh, wait, hold on one second, Because I really want to film this, Because fail videos always go viral. Go on. Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe now isn’t the best time. Oh, no, come on, Scott. The internet wants to see you Get kicked in the balls really bad. Why are you so mean? I’m mean? Wow, that’s a double standard. I recall it going a little bit differently in high school. Maybe nobody has told you that high school is over. That big ceremony thing that we all did, That was graduation, Where we all move on And we all do different things. You don’t stay here and be like, “Oh, I was prom king; I’m cool, So that means I’m cool forever.” Nobody gives a . So maybe it’s time that you try something new. Try something a little bit different, ‘Cause obviously this whole game Wait, wait. I don’t have any condoms on me. Who are you? Tori the whorie. Oh, yeah, I came up with that name. Yeah, you’re an hole. Tori the whorie is back, ! Okay, first of all, She never existed. Second of all, it was a mistake. It was a big, stupid mistake. How big? What? Come on, girl, give me something. I haven’t looked at porn since I got home. It was huge, enormous. And he put it in my butt And slapped me in my face with it. I know you’re lying, but game thank you. I just game I really want to forget about it. So you’re not gonna see him again? No, it was a oneTime thing. I’m never