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how to convert thought waves back into the images the mind creates. It isn’t perfect, of course. It’ll do. Wow. Activate the pain-pleasure gradient, please. Who’s that? Reference? A fantasy lover. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Start a video recording on my mark. , , , mark. We’re losing it. She’s waking up. Better give her a moment. Real life is a shock after that. Yeah, I’ll bet. I call. What’d you got? I said I’ll call. Damn it, show me your cards! I’ll be go to hell. All right, what’d you got? Four kings, huh? I find out you been cheating, I’m gonna fry your wires. All rght, it’s my deal. Five cards stud. Jokers with aces, straights, and flushes. Fool around, cheat this time. All right, ante up! All right, you just stay away, mister. I’m in all the trouble I need because of you. Is that Frenchy? My God, what happened to him? Somebody killed him. I don’t know why they’d want to do that. He never hurt anybody. What was his job? He’s a workman, same as I am. He had a run-in with Dr. Schneider and he quit. Or else he got fired, I don’t know. He talked to me just before he was killed. He said he had the big story about Delos. Do you know what he was talking about? Do you? Maybe. Well, what? Do you think they’ll treat you any better? Hmm? I’m probably going to lose my job, because of this. But I don’t look like I got much of a future anyway. Come on. I got something to show you. Don’t you touch them cards. You know there used to be a couple dozen maintenance men. In each world. Now it’s all machines except for me and a couple other guys. Everything changed after they brought out the s. Changed how? They’re just different, that’s all. They think too much. They don’t think for themselves, do they? No, no, they’re iron just like the rest of them. They don’t go anywhere, do anything they’re not programmed to. But Games But they got you worried, huh? This is it. All right. What is it? Used to be dead inventory. I don’t know what it is now. I know one thing. That’s the only door in Delos I can’t get in. The only ones