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 Modern Hairstyles Game in life and death in highs and lows In happiness and sorrow as your equal half whole….. hea.. hey? will you marry me or what? am done listening to all that you said now listen to what i have to say i need it in my hands no matter what One minute Game hello its me only yeah uncle? come inside Am taking care of billing shall i send in Game? okay send him Mike Hello Dont keep repeating the same stuff and irritating me Look Am trying to deal with things decently if you expect something radical, am quite ready to stoop to those levels Dont delay any longer and send it as soon as possible How’s the business? Weekend sir Quite a lot of deliveries Raghavan said that you got married? yes sir Didnt invite us all? uh sir we did it in our home itself in a simple manner This christmas we are planning to invite everyone and have a graand celebration Did the marriage in the house itself eh? Modern Hairstyles yes sir the best plan rather than inviting everyone, spending Fighting over the taste of the dishes offered ok, here Go and give this file to lakshmi at home Tell her that the auditor will be there in an hour ask her to give it to him ok sir madam? madam? wait wait WAIT wait, am trying to madam? madam? Whats happening here? come back, come back there’s nothing out there hold her hands come take her inside ok, its ok madam? Game What do you want? Sir gave this file… Modern Hairstyles all that Go and ask him to come here immediately After i last came by, Did something like this happen? no sir er no its happened twice but not to this extent thats why no sir i myself didnt now What are you saying? na, it happened when you where out of town you people can cheat me easily its your daughter whom you are killing little by little sorry sir you have to talk only then i will be able to understand Why do you come? why do you put this small girl through suffering? priya priya Modern Hairstyles ok nithya this is the only thing you say everytime Say something else Dont be dumb Do you want to see somebody? are you angry over someone? or do you seek revenge over something? is there a show going oh here? First ask him to leave Game nithya You go to the shop ok sir um? Game? sir? Dont tell this to anyone outside girlchild okay, you leave ok sir the guy was asking her if she wanted to see someone if she was angry over someone if she seeked revenge She turns her head then And looks at me In a very weird way an angry look that very instant, i started shivering didnt i say the other day itself? your moment came, see? you can guess the presence of ghosts with certain signals How? Somewher in the distance, a dog will… buffalo, buffalo i’d have died you fool i’ve known priya from when she was young A very good girl only in the last  years that its become like this She’d been to some friend’s place and had returned by night and started screaming all of a sudden ever since, she’s been suffering like this ever since there’s not a temple or priest or sorcerer that shanmugam has spared one night around .