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 This patent is for the creation of artificial snowstorms from what would have been rainstorms. However preposterous it sounds to people, if they look up “Chinese create snowstorms”, they will find a long list of articles where the Chinese Bureau of Weather Modification openly admitted that they were creating snowstorms until they did a billion dollars’ worth of damage in Beijing. So my question would be, if the Chinese can do this, and NASA has a patent for the same purpose, why would we believe snow events here are natural, when it’s snowing now, regularly, at  degrees, sometimes  degrees– heavy, wet, concrete snow that’s full of aluminum, full of barium, full of strontium? Consider the ice pack in their first aid kit that can sit dormant at room temperature for decades, until the chemicals are mixed together, at which time it creates ice. As an on-air meteorologist, I had a responsibility to my audience. There were storms that were not behaving as they were modeled or they historically would have responded.