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Yeah Scrambled VoiceI need an important favor from you! I don’t do favors In my line of work you never deviate from your original plan Well in the grand scheme of things, our plan won’t any effect if this is not done! Besides, this extra little effort can makeyou million richer If we do this we do it my way game Scrambled VoiceDoneZoyaDone Yes, I’ve recieved the money game What do you command game ? Why not game We’re born to serve you Lord game What of the Judgement day?We’ll see when it arrives game You just take care of my world game Welcome Khana Welcome. Molana, My condolences for your father.! tell me how’s your life going? and who were you talking toon the phone who’s luck has ended? Just some of my friendswho have conflicts with some people game I’m there to remove the conflict I don’t understand game Very simple game If two countries are belligerentto each other game and they don’t wanna fight game they can fight here very easily game the good thing about it is that game Only Pakistani will die game Pakisan is a nation for whom game nobody in the world mourns on her people’s death not even their own people Wow Molana, Wow game What a nice business game Business is very old one game what do they call the shops in foreign countries where you get everything? One Stop Shop yes One Stop Shop Please tell me about your business Booming because of you and your little angels game We’ve never earned so much profit I needed a truck for the rest of the money game That’s I’ve transferred all the money toyour offshore account, like last time what about the material I sent for? Molana, It’s harmless on the outside But if mixed properly game These two drums are enoughfor whole this area game Bad Dream? Coffee Nice game Didn’t think you could smile You know, about the other day game I think we started on wrong foot! I was just wondering if you’d like to press the reset button Sure game Hi I’m Javeria game Mujtaba game Yeah, I know Do you wanna work on Hameed Khan Case Evidence?Sure game come game Great game I’ve a confession to make What?