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know who will make your dream come true. He’s damn clean. Where are your papers? How about your papers? Shit! Who ‘s that madman? How do I know who you are? I’ll show you who we are! Sabitov, take this attorney to the compartment. You, Mika. Move your ass! Me?! We ‘ll show you something more persuasive than papers. We’ve got our first order: It’s worth $,. He’s in illegal arms trade A bad guy, in general. Yum Koptev, the man who accompanied me, He ‘ll provide any customer with every possible weapon including ballistic missiles was lying there with his throat cut I’ve told you many times: Our money and papers had vanished I can’t kill someone only because they ‘re bad. Not so brave now, are you? They should be tried in court. Look what they’ve done to your friend’. What court are you talking about? The legal system is corrupt. It doesn’t fight crime. Who did he leave with? Two policemen. Rather, it helps criminals. One looked like a Kazakh, the other one was Russian” You and I will render justice. Can you describe their cloth es? Using the competition between criminals. We can’t make mistakes. Uniforms like yours. What they give us an innocent man as a mark? Any distinguishing features? I ‘d better draw them. A bad man may decide to settle accounts with someone good. We must be sure that we punish those who deserve it. Mika. I’m afraid. Nothing to be afraid of. All right, go ahead. There are no innocent people in these circles. Mika, you’re an artist, a creative person. You sure did a sweell job. Why cram your head with administrative issues? I’ve recognized one of them, Ravil Shayakhmetov I’ve recognized the Russian too but I don’t remember his mime I ‘ll deal with them. And you do the creative work, Krasnov? That’s right, Krasnov execute the verdict. Is it a deal? Na. He’s on the wanted list. Eat I obeyed Alfred. What’s this? Kurt Kazakh national meal, dried goat milk. He contacted Stepan, my old playmate, who was a very influential person back in Russia. He gave us our first order: Could Alfred be my demon?