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and the cartels killing anything and anyone who stands in their path. The US is responsible for a lot of this. So since they don’t take care of their part of the problem, then we will send our part of the problem to them. You’re crazy. With a capital muchacho. I know why you’re here, Machete. You work for the enemy now, huh? Mmm. Just another Pancho doing their dirty work. I got news for you, cabrón. Killing me ain’t in the cards. ‘Cause I am the ticking, ticking wrath of Mexico, motherer. Thanks to my good doctor here, that missile’s system is linked right into my heart. So if my heart stops beating, Washington will become the bright shining light it always thought it was. Disarm it. There’s only two men in the world who know how to do that. Correction, one. Who’s the other one? The one who created this beautiful device, of course. But since he lives in the US, I’m afraid you are ed. Your mission is over, cabrón. You have failed. Machete don’t fail. What you gonna do, you gonna kill me? That’s a mothering bomb, pendejo! I’m not gonna kill you. I’m gonna kill your men, steal your choppers, get you over the wall. Leave him to me! And find the other one that can disarm you. Shoot me! Let me take care of him. Please. You won’t make it, amigo. Even if we get out of here alive, my men are instructed to put a bounty on my head. $ million. We won’t survive a mile, let alone the border. And the best part is, the fail Game safe on my ticker here just went live. You have hours, my friend. $ million! If the assassins don’t get us, the cartels will. Hell, anyone with a loaded weapon and a bill to pay will make a run at us. And, boy, it’s a long way to the wall. Yeah? What’s the status? Is he dead? I have Mendez in custody. In a chopper. He’s alive. Wait a second. Machete, what’s this I hear about you having Mendez in custody? Things got complicated. No shit! You were supposed to take him out, not give him a joyride on the Good Ship Lollipop! Damn it, I didn’t recruit you for your sense of compassion.