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Monster battle field You and I we will be Game Game side by side. Shall we go, Captain? Have fun, amigos. There is a loaded rifle under the seat. Thank you very much. Savage is impossible. Just wasting my time. On the red! Pardee been in yet? Who? Theron Pardee. Sometimes calls himself Colonel. I’ve never heard of him. on the red. Let it ride! How are you, darling? Good. As my friend Pardee? I do not understand. Ahhh. you ibuy me drink? In a little while. Five ! red again. All bets down or your’re out. One more time. Where is Al? Al, you say? The man who owns this place? I own this place. And so far mister. I don’t know what you are talking about Well Al does Maybe that’s why he died You don’t say. I didn’t even know he was feeling poorly , red again. You got $ on the red, what is your pleasure? One more time. Let’s get ourselves a drink Oh, I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry sir. He said he was sorry sir. Now you sit down! , black. You loose mister. That comes as no surprise at all. You’re not accusing me of Game Oh, no! Whiskey and three glasses, please. I’ve got no more whiskey. I’ve got no beer either. Franklyn Game Everybody relax. I want you to listen to me Game real carefully. Are you listening? Yeah. That’s good. Now Game I want a bottle of whiskey and three glasses. Right up here Games Come on! Give’em. Right now. Come on. Oh friend, you are not listening. I said one bottle and three glasses. That’s right. I want you to pour carefully. I don’t want you to spill any That’s right. There is one. Here you are! And one more to go. Gentlemen ! Here is to the Union ! Now friends, just keep the peace. Each man his own pew and we’ll be taking our leave Guys, there’s some crazy Reb out ther! Come on, Sergeant ! What music ! Bravo ! Split Mountain! No Rodriguez no waggon! Thats right. The man’s been and gone. He’s got the waggon across and he left a clear track. The trail heads right into that swamp. We lost five hours in this God forsaken place. Well Captain. We could have lost a lot more. Indian ponies. Unshod. Let’s head on in Nobody could get that heavy waggon through there Maybe it’s Rodriguez.