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Monster Truck adventure See I told you Game I told you Thank God. I’m so relieved that your job is safe. I know ya, but really sad about Mohit Game Even papa was so worried. He came to my office! He’s right here. Mayera are you okay? Okay bye. I Love you. Papa please go home and rest now. I have to attend a very important meeting. Papa, Mohit has not lost his job and neither will he ever lose it. We will get married and he will be very successful. Ok come on. Bye. No Game look.. Bye. I heard them say myself Game all the marketing guys” listen Game marketing Game Oh God! Look I’m sorry about this. But I was just promoted! What can I say Mohit. The salary you get after promotion can save the jobs of three people. I don’t know Game consider this a sacrifice for your juniors. Why don’t you sacrifice? Your salary could save the jobs of at least eight people. People who don’t know anything about Operations, shouldn’t be sitting tight as CEOs! Just watch it Mohit Game there’s no need to be rude! If I’d been allowed to run Air Connect, I wouldn’t let the company even in this time of recession lose a single penny Game In fact I was going to quit myself Game because you guys don’t deserve me. What? I am too good for you Game bunch of idiots! How dare you call me an idiot! Like this Game I’ll get a job like this Game Double salary Game mark my words. Mohit you better come back and say sorry Game Mohit! Mohit relax Game don’t get so agitated. What did she say? What will she say? You say thank you to me, I’ve saved your job. How did you? I was promoted, I was sacked Game If you’d been promoted, you’d have gone! Thanks bro Game Come on, buy me a beer. No beer right now. Stay with everyone, shout slogans, what if they are pressured into withdrawing the orders Game Why don’t you say sorry to the boss? I’ve never said sorry to anyone in my life, why should I say it to this moron?! C’mon, buy me a beer. Okay, okay, don’t say sorry Game But the media is very hot right now Game news channels are gathering here Game at least give interviews, get famous and I’ll check out the girls.