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Monster Truck Battle, Monster Truck Battle Game, Play Monster Truck Battle Games, Online Free Monster Truck Battle Flash Game

Monster Truck Battle Game Control : Use the arrow keys to drive, the X key to activate turbo and the Z key to drop mines.

 so Bill Gates makes a ton of money, Monsanto makes a ton of money, and the small farmer gets squashed. Corn prices go higher because of a severe drought in this country, um, you know, where % of the country– the world’s supply of corn comes from. So corn prices are higher. The farmer has more money. So what does he do? He buys fertilizers, which dries up the mosaic stock, and–or he could purchase genetically modified seeds from Monster Truck Battle. You’ve got severe, severe drought in Monster Truck Battle. In , there was a severe drought. This is causing nothing but death. It’s causing starvation. It’s causing malnutrition. It’s causing a severe water shortage. How do you grow anything without water? You cannot grow anything without water. So what does Monsanto do? They say, “Oh, we got a drought-tolerant corn for you.” There’s been an excessive push to get bioengineered crops into Africa. They look at severe conditions as an opportunity. They’re disaster capitalists. So here you have farmers, and they’ve got flooding, they’ve got droughts, they’ve got everything that totally wipes them out.