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  It’s like that Alice In Wonderland syndrome when you feel very small and everything is very big. If Carmine shows up, Joanne is hoping to get him onto the Statton Island Ferry. It’ll be crowded, he’ll feel panicky and he won’t be able to escape. Carmine knows this, which is why he hasn’t been on it in  years. I took my wife out on the Statton Island Ferry many years ago and it was romantic and it was beautiful and it was nice. I’m not married to my wife any more, and I wouldn’t say the phobia was the only reason, there was other reasons. But it, it was hard for her. It’s, er, kept her from doing a lot of things she wanted to do, because I wouldn’t let her do things on her own either. I wouldn’t let her go on, on holiday alone with my daughters because I would, didn’t want to be alone, you know, who did I have, you know? Er, you know. There he is. Hey, what’s going on? How you doing? Alright, I suppose. Something uh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m So how high are you now? What are you feeling right now? About . You’re at a ? But you’re here. Yeah. Yeah. That’s terrific. That’s terrific. Joanne gauges Carmine’s levels of anxiety by using a zero to ten scale, where level ten is unbearable panic. Well, if we go over on the Statton Island Ferry, okay, fine, we get over there, I’m not going to come back. Exactly. So now, but if we don’t come back and I’ve got to turn around, we’ve got to get in a vehicle and we’ve got to go across the Gaptols Bridge up the New Jersey Turnpike to come back which… Look what you’re doing to yourself. What? You have to stay in the present. We’re here, we’re iin White Plains and we’re going to have a lovely day. Think of it as an adventure. Ah, it’s a wonderful day. Accept the fact that you’re going to have levels. Yeah. That’s part of why we’re doing this, is to get used to feeling uncomfortable and knowing that you can do it even though you’re uncomfortable. And that’s, that’s what’s important. My concern is feeling trapped, I don’t like feeling trapped. And, em, you know, I haven’t gone on the ferry in a long time, I don’t even know what to expect on a ferry.