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To say the truth, I fell into the water with it.  As a child?  No, in the army. You should know, how old you were then. During the war they accepted boys and men alike. Did you fight? Yes. In Tobruk, Play Game and… Monsters Mash 3 biography. Is this admiration or irony? I wouldn’t dare to be ironic. Irony is a spice, which sharpens the taste of life. Better still, an auto irony. Where have you seen him? In a cinema or TV? When you live in a city, and not some dump, you don’t watch stars in a cinema or TV, but in a theater. He was a star. A real star. We were all in love with him. Only I remained faithful.  And he dumped you!  Are you nuts? You said you were faithful. Faithful audience. I saw all his shows. Even when he fell into the trap, and danced with his hand plastered for six weeks. Strange. Shouldn’t he rather break his leg? He broke his hand! And don’t be so smart! Can I ask you something? Go on. Why do you make me show him my legs and decolletage? Because I wanted… I wanted to sharpen his taste for life. You mean he lacks Games drive? Monsters Mash 3!