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 One wrong turn, one hesitation and the ibex’s short life will be over. The kid has the good sense to make for a place where only an ibex could stand. soft music Today the little kid made all the right choices and the fox goes home hungry. birds chirping So being a hunter isn’t always easy. You have to be at the top of your game to survive. crunching A praying mantis. Sharp-eyed and lightning quick. A perfect hunter. And a cricket, a perfect meal. sound effects but he’s outgunned by something even more deadly: a chameleon. She can camouflage her skin to melt into the background. She can move her eyes independently to lock on to her target. Her tongue is a guided missile, striking her victims at  feet a second. And it comes totally out of the blue. Delicious. You don’t have to work alone. You can be part of a team. Get it right and it can totally change your life. In this corner of Africa, things are changing. Fast. birds squawking soft music Cheetahs hunt alone. They’re very fast, but not strong enough to take down a big animal.