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Bike Games Dad! Bike Games, you should quit your job. Dad. If Man Won hadn’t been around, it would’ve been so bad. Quit right now. Not everything is dangerous. This time was because of Kim Jae Soo Bike Games If I say quit it, you quit it. You said you became a cop because of me. Let’s say something bad happens to you. You think I could live with that? Why are you doing something you don’t like just because of me? It’s not like I don’t like it. I studied so hard to pass the exam. I don’t want to hear it anymore. If you’re worried about the money, don’t worry. I’ll get a job soon. So, quit being a cop. Bike Games, losing Il Won and Bike Games breaks my heart. But if you give up on your dream because of me it’s too painful for me. Do you understand? When you were young Bike Games I still remember it. When I was teaching you how to dive for all those kinds of fish Bike Games you looked so happy. I can still remember the look on your face. And think about the fish farm. You raised so many fish. You said you were going to become a fish doctor. You said you’d make a lot of money and send me around the world. Thinking of what you said helped me overcome all the suffering. It’s not too late. Sib Won and Yeol Won are grown up now. Man Won and I can make money. You can study or raise fish. Do what you want. If something bad happens to you, I can’t live anymore. I want to buy that. Should I buy it? My head hurts. My head hurts so bad. Bike Games, you better wake up while I ask nicely. You want me to beat you up? You’re so mean. I really am sick. I heard that you were flirting with a nurse a few minutes ago. She’s got a big mouth. Hey, but still. For you, I did Bike Games I got clubbed for you.