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Motorbike Style classical music birds chirping What can you do if you’re a hunter that doesn’t move, can’t move? There’s only one option: lure your victim in. fly buzzing The Venus flytrap does just that: making itself irresistible, oozing sugary nectar around the brim of each leaf. bait for hungry visitors. The triggers, fine hairs, which only work when  of them are touched within  seconds. metallic clanging One clock ticking metallic clanging  two. buzzing dramatic music fly squirming Once the plant has digested the fly, the trap reopens and resets itself, ready for its next meal. It works brilliantly, except if it eats all the visiting flies, there’ll be nobody left to pollinate its flowers. No baby flytraps next year. So it sends up its flowers on stems a foot long, well away from the traps below. birds chirping Up here, flies can safely graze on nectar. In return, they fertilize the flowers. buzzing Down below, business as usual. When it comes to the truly ruthless pursuit of prey there is one hunter you don’t want to meet.