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Who are these tow people? Bilal Duran Game and Remzi Karaduman. Games Remzi Karaduman? Games Yes. Do you know him? Games My father? Games Yes, yourfather. See, years ago Game ‘s father Bilal and yourfather Remzi Game Started looking for a treasure with the help of a jinn. Games Jinn? Games Afemake jinn. Was hername Sare? Yes, Sare. Sare was a member of a jinn clan that could live inside a human body. The Suzula clan. Avery dangerous jinn clan who knew the places of treasures. After Bilal and Remzi found the treasure, I mean the gold Game they decided to kill Sare. How? When Sare was inside a human body, they buried her underthe cursed tree. Is that the wishing tree behind the road? Games Yes. Games Hold on a second. Do you have any proof that Uncle Bilal and my fatherwere treasure hunters? How did two Game poor villagers suddenly became rich? Bilal bought himself a big mansion. He had tons of money in the bank. Yourfather Game went to lzmir. Did you everthink where all that land came from? The people who killed Uncle Bilal Game Games are they jinns from the same clan as Sare? Games Yes. Games They killed yourfathertoo. Games Mr. İlyas My fatherdied in a carcrash. Hodja They made the accident happen Games This is absurd Games Calm down. Doctor And they drew you here. You have to be very careful. Theirhatred and revenge neverends. Do they want ‘s body for Sare? Yes. That’s why they didn’t let herget married. They will ressurect Sare as a virgin in her body. Games Reincarnation. Games Reincarnation? Reincarnation is the work of jinns. They transferall the life force of someone to another brain Game and completely destroy his past life. Reincarnation Game is being struck by a jinn. So when and Sare are the same age Game they will give her Sare’s soul Game Games and take herto theirworld. Games Yes. Look. Look at these. What are these? Look. This is what happened to the people of Kıbledere. Bilal and Remzi