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 It’s about an hour wait. Then again, you don’t need to go to a fortune teller. People who come to me are much hazier. They’re deep inside a dark tunnel they can’t see the end of. But you, you’re just a tiny bit lonely. Nothing’s better than a New Games for when you’re lonely. Mr Rager Alright, I’ll come again to check on her. Thank you! Here, , yen. If anything should happen to the New Games, please contact me immediately. Let her fill your hole. Well, that hole too, but I mean the lonely hole in your heart. She’ll fill it up really well! Alright, buddy. You be good! – I’ll be going now. – Thank you very much! – See you again! – Mr Rager Thank you! You smell like a New Games! Oh, I smell too? Stinky stinky! Now, Master Utamaru, please do your work. I can see it. You’ve given a lot of money to a young man, haven’t you? That young man isn’t looking at you at all. He’s only looking at your wallet. Dump him. Hello. Men have never been attracted to women taller than  cm (‘ “). I’m  cm (‘ “). Tall women are OK if they have big boobs, but you don’t.