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this is Hildy. Ah, Hildy, it’s nice to meet you, I’m James. I’ve heard a lot of great things. I don’t know what you’re talking about, big boy. My name is Alice. Aw. Dementia. Dementia. Oh, right. What? Huh? Don’t be talking about me like I can’t hear you. What? Rude. Oh, come on, kidder. You rude. You rude. You know what? Why don’t we take a picture? Let’s say, “Christmas Dream Wish,” right here into the camera. Theo Somebody say we taking pictures, no kidding around. Uh-oh. Big Theo in the house! All right, right here, guys. Right in the camera. Hold on, let me get my Games Let me get my grill in. Let me get my grill in. Let’s get the picture with Aunt Hildy. Oh! Oh, well, that’s all right. Get my grill out Games Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Right in the camera, Auntie. To Games To your left. There it is. Oh, maybe not that. puppet voice Is that a weave? Take that picture, baby Smack that booty, baby Honey, stop. Giggles Mom, Mom, Mom. Can Games Can you control him, please? Steve, don’t worry about it, man. Your dad is cool. Actually, I can see the resemblance. You don’t see any resemblance. That’s not my father. That’s my mom’s unemployed, live-in boyfriend. Sweetheart. Now, wait just a minute here. All my life, I’ve been looking for a woman like your mama, and one day, I’m gonna make an honest woman of her, but for right now Games Who’s making love To your mama? Look at that, man. That’s love. That’s nauseating. Who’s making love to your mama? I am Dinner is s Games Ooh! Oh! yells grunts Oh. Whoa! gasping Dinner is served. He snuck up on me. Hey, hey, hey! You done put your foot in this mother Games Theo, darling, could you please say a prayer for the table, bless the food? Oh, of course. , I’m tripping. You’re gonna have him say the grace? Well, yes, honey, he is the man of the house right now. I’ve seen this done before, okay? If we can all please bow our head and thy necks. Oh, Lord, thank you for the many things you’ve done to this family, bringing us together safely here today and this cousin we don’t know with