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allowed in there are the s. What’s that? Write down what I tell you. Let’s try it. Yeah, I’ve tried it a dozen times. I can’t get in thoose doors. Hell, one more time, Harry. Come on. Okay. Give me those numbers. I told you. You Games? No, I don’t smoke. I tried that code every way I could. I can’t get in, just can’t get in. Well, maybe it’s not the code, you know? Maybe it’s something else, something personal. What do you mean? Fingerprints or voice, you know? s haven’t got no fingerprints. Only way you can tell the difference between them is in their eyes. That’s it! Goddamn it, that’s it! Their eyes. That light reads the circuitry in their eyes. Come on! Well, I hope you’ll accept my apologies for Chuck’s behavior. I think he’s just overtrained for a simple story like Delos. Well, we’re not worried. I’m sure he’ll turn up sooner or later. You know, I find that man, Harry, an interesting character. I definitely want to use him on the show. Harry’s one of our old boys. Ah. Mr. Duffy feels sorry for him, but frankly, I think he should have been phased out long ago. Well, why’s that? His skills are no longer needed. Our s can do it better. Oh, Mort, that’s not entirely true. We haven’t solved the problem of wet areas. Harry is still quite valuable. Well, anyway, don’t you think it’s dangerous to rely too much on the robots? Don’t you think something could go wrong again? Not at all. Hey, iron ass! Are you running correlates on organic emissions? I have the resonance frequency on the protein molecules. Electromagnetic shaping positive. Subject beta-niner. Energy matrix play out is particulating Games now. It’s all right. Do you know what it is? Wasn’t here before. It’s Karnovski. Chuck, isn’t that Games? It’s Takaguchi. Oh, my God, I don’t beleive it. They’re duplicates. What? They are creating and programming duplicates of real people. That’s what Frenchy’s list meant about the politicians and the commissars and the generals. They’ve all been replaced by those things. You’ll start the family history program on my mark. , , , mark. Let us repeat our social attitude program, please. And add a factor of to the medulla circuit. You will never harm Delos. I will never harm Delos. You will do what Delos instructs you to do. I will do whatever Delos instructs me to do. You will destroy your original. I will destroy my original. There’s a plane leaving in about hours. We should get back to our rooms, get our stuff together, and get on that flight. Yeah, but what about Duffy? We’ll call him from the airport. You know your way back from here? You bet. I wouldn’t stay in that room too long. I don’t beleve it’s safe. I’ll meet you at the power plant in half an hour. I know a place we can hide until the plane leaves. Okay, but if we don’t show, you get out best way you can. Good luck. Okay, come on, let’s go. I’ll just be a minute. All right, I’ll try to get Holcombe, tell him what happened. Operator, I want to make a person-to-person call to Arthur Holcombe, International Media Corporation. Right, , , . Yeah, sure, I’ll wait. Put the phone down, Chuck. You’re a part of it? Yes, of couse, I am. Now, where is Miss Ballard? She’s with Harry. They’re supposed to meet me here. Well, I suppose it’s possible that ocasionally even a newspaper reporter tells the truth. We’ll just go upstairs and check, shall we? Why are you doing this? Oh, that should be obvious. If you read your own newspaper more carefully, you’d understand our position quite easily. The human being is a very unstable, irrational, violent animal. Now, hold it. All our probability studies indicate that if left alone, you’ll destroy much of this planet before the end of the decade. Now, we at Delos are determined to seeing that doesn’t happen. We don’t intend to be destroyed by your mistakes. So, you’re replacing human leaders with your own duplicates, huh? Yes. With duplicates who are programmed to think first of the welfare of Delos and to accept our instructions. Downstairs. Why bother with Tracy or me? Because we need the favorable publicity to attract the top rank of human leadership. The stories your duplicates create will guarantee that every Chief of State will soon be among our guests. You can’t possibly succeed. We can and we will. Look, don’t imagine that these duplicates we’ve created are mere robots. They are not machines. They are living beings produced by the genetic information in your own cells. There are no mechanical parts. Even those of us who create them can’t tell the original from the duplicate. Jesus! Shoot him! Shoot him! I can’t hold him! Now! What are you doing? He was much too strong. What do we do now? Well, we can’t stay here. What about Westworld? That was deserted. Yeah, good idea. You know I’d take you with me, don’t you? You know that. It just Games It wouldn’t work out. I mean, people on the outside, they just Games they never would understand how it is with us. The hell with them. When we get this thing straightened out, I’ll be back to get you. Don’t worry about that. Don’t worry about it. You been a good pal to me. I’m gonna sure miss you. Watch out for the bad circuit in your arm, you hear? You got to be careful now. So long, you ol’ bag of bolts. We’ll see you. Okay. You wait by the barn. I’m going to get Harry and be right back. Okay, look. You be careful. You bet. Go on. Yeah. Hi. Where is Tracy? She’s safe. Great, let’s go. Don’t hurry, Chuck. I’ll find you. Chuck? Chuck? Hello, Tracy. Why! Well, you Games You can’t be. But I am. What are you? You. Don’t run there. You were going to run to the saloon and hide in the gap between the floorboard and the ground. How can Games How can you know that? Because I have your mind. And what you think, I think and what you know, I know. And now it’s too late to run, because we’re both within accurate range of these guns. Yes, I Games Yes, I just Games I just thought of that. Yes, I know you did. It’s a good thing Father taught us how to shoot, isn’t it? Yes. Maybe we shouldn’t have worried so much about whether he loved us or not. No Games He was just busy, I guess. Yes. Well, it’s been good to meet you. But of course Games there can only be one of us. Yes. And since Games since you can read my mind. I can read yours. Yes. Hey, Chuck? Chuck, this isn’t going to get us anywhere, you know? We’re both lousy shots. Remember Sergeant Rucker at basic? Browning, you couldn’t hit an elephant in the ass at yards with a bazooka. Be careful, brother. Don’t forget we’re afraid of heights. Oh, good. Damn good, really. Well, Chuck, it’s been fun. But I’ve got a plane to catch and a story to write. You know what I mean? Anyway, don’t feel too bad. You’re not going to die, exactly. Just going to be replaced. I thought I’d see you off personally. Thank you. It’s just been a fabulous time, really. I look forward to coming back with a video crew next week. Really, it was just a wonderful time. And I hope you’ll thank Mr. Duffy for us. I certainly will. What about you, Chuck? Have we satisfied your suspicions? I’d like to apologize for that. But I think your patience with me will be rewarded. I intend to write a story that will make everyone who can afford it, a Delos customer. Your attention, please. That’s wonderful. Laker Airways anounces the departure of flight for New York Wonderful. and San Fransico. This is the final call for Games Oh, that’s us. Let’s go. So long, Doc. All aboard, please. They are the Games the wrong ones. Did you talk to Arthur? Yeah, told him the whole story. It’ll be old news by the time we get home. Hey, you know, I still don’t think that kissing you was a very scientific way of finding out who was who. Well, there are some things you just can’t fake, Socks.