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Nan Creatures Fight talking to that douche again. MmHmm. And does he know that? Oh, please. Scott is so far up his own , He won’t even notice. How far? Here’s the turkey. Here’s the bird. Hey, I’m sorry you guys got stuck over here. Hey, at least we don’t have to sit with crazy aunt Flo. Did I ever tell you about the time I got abducted by aliens? Funny story, actually. Their queen impregnated me, And the baby grew to full size in less than eight hours. And then it ate its way out of my uterus. Want to see the scar? Why can’t we just have an alcoholic aunt Like every other family? Today, you can consider me an alcoholic father. Hey, you remember Tori the whorie? The girl whose pimples used to pop in the sunlight? That was graphic. Yes. You should see her now. She looks totally different. Uh, no thanks. No, seriously, look. She’s, like, photoshopped. No, seriously, I’m not interested in your dumb little crush. I don’t have a crush. I mean, that’s ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous? “Modern medicine.” I mean, why do I need a “doctor” To tell me that I’m “crazy” And a “danger to myself and others”? I mean, hello? I already have the voices in my head telling me that. I can’t kill them. They’re family. You know mental illness runs in our family, right? Hey, as long as baldness doesn’t, then I’m fine. Ugh. But what I’m most thankful for Is joining this wonderful family. I feel like the luckiest man in western P.A. Aw, heck, in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Ah! Marissa, honey, what are you most thankful for? Well, other than this beautiful treasure of a man. I don’t even know where to begin. Great, next. I’m thankful that my paintings Were selected to hang at the met. Oh, you did, oh. Oh, and that I finally learned how to drive! Yes! Scary. You did. You’re an inspiration, sweetie. Yeah, no, we get it, she’s perfect. Now, could somebody please p the wine So I can drink till I black the out? Language! Look, I’m real nice when I’m drunk. Yeah. Aw, she’s pretty. Gah! How did you get in here? The real question is, How did we get here?