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  New Games. Feeling lonely? I’ll lend you a New Games. Here, I’ll lend you a New Games. Foreign cars and premium brand New Games are nice, but what matters most is how much a thing is loved by its owner. Even with expensive things, you can tell when they’re not being loved. Even with cars? Of course. My grandma gave her car a name, “Dankichi.” She treated it so well. It was an old lemon, but every time she started it, she’d say, “Naughty Sorority, I’m counting on you today! ” She’s funny. Maybe it’s because I work here, but I’ve found myself putting things in classes. Like, “He went to a really good university, so he’s high class.” Or, “Her clothes look so expensive. She’s rich, so she’s high class.” Or, “Her bra’s an F-cup, so as a woman she’s high class.” Right! Then I’m a class C! Me too! Too bad! I have a favor to ask. Would you have lunch with me? Sure. Good! These donuts are from a shop based in New York. They opened a place here recently, and it’s really popular. I lined up early this morning and got some. I didn’t want to just buy enough for my own lunch, so I splurged and bought a bunch. Have some! Bon appetit. Mmm, good! I haven’t eaten with anyone in such a long time! What are you doing? The way you eat. It’s weird. Since I was young, I’ve considered ways to eat the hole of a donut. This is the conclusion I reached. If you eat a donut hole, will something good happen? Not particularly… Would you let me rent her? OK. Then… sign here. MEGUMI YOSHIKAWA CALICO New Games UNTlL I FlND SOMEONE Will this do? Sure, no problem. How much? Well… You treated me to donuts, so I won’t charge you. – Are you sure? -Sure. But, will you be OK? Can you get by? Do I look like I’m having trouble getting by? A little… Oh, no! I’m doing fine! I have another steady job besides my rent-a-New Games business. What’s that? I write TV commercial jingles. Wow! Music’s been all I’ve been good at since I was young. Wow, that’s cool! Hey, you must be a class A person! Let’s stop putting things in classes. You and I are both Naughty Sorority women.