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New Clothes You’ve got three weeks in that chair, then your six weeks of pilot training. You’ll be fine. My last sensor operator, desean, he was Game he was from Compton, but he was a college guy like you. Became one hell of a pilot. ‘Course I wouldn’t want you to turn out like desean. Why? What happened to him? Pizza?What? Do you like pizza? Why?Celebrate your first mission, ma’am, even if it is a Turkey. You like pepperoni?Sure. Base operations, this is chitown boy.BEEPS WOMAN: Let me guess: Your air conditioner broke down again and you want a large pepperoni. And two pops.You’ve got it. Umm Game You don’t like pepperoni? How about onion? CHUCKLES Onion. Actually, can I make that half onion, half pepperoni, please? Okay, but you’d better chew some breath mints before you try to put the moves on me tonight. Thanks, Annie. Out. CLATTERS Thanks, airman. SOFTLY You’re welcome. I mean, except for that ing air conditioner, take out a few bad guys, make the world safe for democracy, down a few brewskis, eat some pizza. The job’s not too bad, is it, ma’am? You don’t have to call me ma’am all the time. Okay, sorry, m Game er Game CHUCKLES It’s a habit. So, sue Game CLEARS THROATWhat’s that short for? Susan? Susanne? # Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me Game # VOCALIZES MUSIC Lieutenant is fine. Just don’t think too much. I can tell that you’re obviously a smart individual. It’s kind of what I’m worried about. What do you mean? You know, the colonel, he tells you who to take out and you do it.CLICKS TONGUE Some people are good at that, some people aren’t, because they think too much.Airman Game I landed a fully loaded f at night in the middle of a blizzard with one engine flamed out, so don’t worry about me. MOUTHS If mahmoud kahlil shows up today, I’ll have no problem pushing this button. Too bad you won’t get the chance. WHIRSOh Game shit.What? Communications checklist. E.F.P. Operational? Umm Game CLEARS THROAT KEYBOARD CLICKING MUTTERS BEEPSE.F.P. Operational.Okay. Intercept coordinates . Coordinates check.Lieutenant, this could be the break I’ve been waiting for an entire month.