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Guests arrive in minutes so, chop-chop! Hey, Paul, I noticed that you put up all these lights. Climbed that tree, huh? ‘Cause I know that I didn’t get you a ladder. Looks really nice. I’m really happy that you’re here and you’re helping me. Look good. Jesus games Ooh. Oh, my God. Little guy, you scared the shit out of me. Percy. Oh. Huh. Ugh, excuse me, Hi. Ms. Perch? I’m sorry, I just, I couldn’t help but admire your garden. It’s beautiful. You’re the boy they’ve sent to tend bar. It’s Paul. Um games You remind me a bit of my late husband. He was very fetching. Oh, why, I do believe I hear some guests arriving. Well, I better get back to it. Come along, Percy. Come along. Yes, little boy. Come on. Here we go. Thank you. Cheers. Hi. What can I get you? We’ll have two reds. Alright, coming right up. You two newlyweds? Thank you. Would you like some? No. Thank you. Hello. Enjoy. It’ll ruin my scotch. Hello. Hi. How are you? Uh, what can I get you? Gin, with a splash of flat water, please. That’s a first for the night. You enjoying the party so far? I am. I am. So, how do you know the family? Oh, we are friends of them, my husband and I. Oh, your husband? Almost divorced. That’s games that’s sad. You know. Mm-hm. Yeah. Reminds me of a joke, uh games Let’s save the punch line for later. Okay? Okay. Alright. Heh. Anyway games Having all the fun here in cougar town, huh? No, but seriously, do you need anything? No, it’s fine. I’m fine. Everything’s good, actually. Hey, Mr. Mayor. Uh, everything, okay? Yes. And this party needs an autopsy. Oh yeah, give me a double. No ice. Who’s responsible for these little piggy thingies? This young lady right here games What did I tell you? It’s, I, excuse my language the best ing piggy thingies I’ve ever had in my life. Does everything taste okay? Oh, they’re delicious. Oh. Yeah. Do you have a card? Yeah. ‘Cause I’m gonna need someone for my games games re-election party next month. Thank you. I’ll call you. Oh, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. For you. Oh. You two make a good pair.