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 Ah New Year Party Room Escape, did you enjoy it? Goodbye This is my fur Do you believe me now? This is my coat, my Fritz gave it to me  What’s your name?  März, like the month of spring And I’m Lydia Köhler Look here “LK” You? Yes, I left the coat in your New Year Party Room Escape apartment Don’t feel sad All men are no good And yours isn’t worth anything at all Him? Oh What do you mean “oh”? I’ve visited him at his place And he didn’t even kiss me And he gives away a fur that doesn’t belong to him Well, come with me now Get out Stop that nonsense and get out Say, wasn’t there such a small a small person I didn’t see anything Such a small like this Is it possible that I lost her on the way? Drive back the same way But very slowly May I get your coat? Is it cold outside? Very cold, Mademoiselle I don’t need it, thank you Have you seen a young lady? With a fur, like dotted Games I’m waiting for her too She owes me  marks  Why? She left her didn’t you drive off from here earlier?  I have.  But she sat here in my car while you drove away And then she sat for a while, and then she went into the house  What house?