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your highest ranked trainer? I don’t know. I haven’t crunched the numbers yet. Why would you make people fill out these forms if you’re not gonna crunch the numbers, man? That’s not optimized. Well, why don’t you games pull up the games spreadsheet? I’ll wait. I know you score high. I Sc games clients ing love me, Trevor. Look, they don’t see the dark side unless they with me or they with your business. And if they’re cool, then I’m their best friend. Look, the guy was weird, okay? He just gave off a weird vibe. He wanted privates at home. That’s fine. But when I asked him about his personal fitness goals, he just got more ing weird. And games I just wouldn’t feel comfortable sending you over there. He’s a rapist. I have no idea. Maybe. And he’s like a big guy, big trouble? Yeah, hand to hand in a fair fight, you would break his neck, but I can’t count on a fair fight, can I? I’m just not prepared to take the risk, all right? Geez, now I’m worried about Lorenzo and his games Come on, I’m setting the alarm. You’re such a juvenile. I can’t believe I haven’t earned your trust by now. So. Well, listen games this is an intro session, and it’s really just about me getting to know you and you getting to know me and sort of starting on a plan together. All right. So, what I’d like you to do is games keep a food log. That means, you know, writing it down on a piece of paper, e-mailing it to me, or now some of my clients, they’ll take a picture of the food they’re eating and send it to me. Boom, easy. So, anything that goes into your body that isn’t water, we track it. That’s intense. Yeah. Payment games you could either pay by games check or PayPal. We usually bill monthly, but we can schedule it however works for you. Okay. I don’t know. Can’t I just pay in advance? Yeah. Like, how about games I don’t know, how much for a year or two? Okay, well games see you on Thursday. All right, Thursday. Yep. You know, I have a pool too, right over there. Okay. Hey. Keep the change. Let’s talk about food. I think that it’s really great