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Who is our informer here? Parineddu, I’m here. At your service Captain. Parineddu, do you know where Colasberna was killed? Yes, he was found dead there. Murdered. By who? By who Game Wake up! I asked you who? If only I knew Game So what do you know? Captain, let’s not talk here. Let’s get away from the road. I need to stay alive Captain. It’s in the interest of justice. Yes sir, there are plenty of captains and carabinieri but informers are rare. You mustn’t send me off to the slaughter in such a hurry! Look, if you don’t let out what you know, I’ll send you to the butchers right away! Look, I’m running out of patience with you. Have you seen Rosa Nicolosi? She’s watching us. She’s switched off the light but she still spying. She wants to know what two people are doing talking near the spot where he died. Forget Rosa Nicolosi. Talk instead! Talk, talk, talk! Captain, the informer merely hints, he doesn’t reveal. The real truth lies between a thousand lies, because the informer doesn’t trust the carabinieri. And you told me now that if I didn’t talk tomorrow you’d tell the killers that I betrayed them, eh? And so? Or you can summon me to court, as a witness. No. I can assure you. But who knows? The betrayal ends up being wholly unneccessary and turns into disgrace. Captain, betrayal is a living for me. This evening I betray the mafia, tomorrow the Carabineri. It’s balanced. A little bit for everyone! Good, now get to the point. The order came from the cement, but who was to shoot was decided by a card game. Two shots, and a cuckold met the King of Diamonds. It’s not true that cuckolds are lucky! And so the cuckold is Nicolosi?. Easy, Captain! Not so fast Game We’re talking about an imaginary cuckold. Nameless, just simply a cuckold. But whoever murdered Colasberna, killed him because of cement, and not for horns. Careful Captain. There is a catch, but you can’t see it. So Parineddu, you’re also in with them too? Captain, if you’re not happy with me and don’t want give me the money, you can pay me another time when you feel more satisfied.