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Look, if a magical elf came all the way down from the North Pole and told me I could have anything I wanted, I wouldn’t waste it on a Danger Dog action figure. All right then. How about a motorcycle? Too late. You asked for Danger Dog. Uh, we’ll start with this. And maybe, just maybe, if you’re a really good boy, Santa will bring you the real thing on Christmas. Thanks! All right. Come on, sister, you’re next. Oh, no, no, no. I’m just I’m just here Come on over here. Take a load off. I got a quota. That’s funny. I got a quota too. Go on, Auntie Liz. All right. You know what I’m talking about. Now, what can I get you for Christmas? Oh, that’s all right. I’m here for my nephew. My sister’s volunteering in a soup kitchen, so. Soup kitchen? Wow. She’s a really caring person. Oh, she is. She’s very caring. And I just messed up because I stayed late at work and Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough. There must be something you want for Christmas. How about your own personal elf? Okay, there’s someone at work that says I don’t have any people skills, that clients don’t like me, and I never listen to people. Oh, so you want some rockin’ people skills for Christmas. Oh, no, that’s not it. I just want to prove to them how wrong they are about me. Oh, so Excuse me, let me do the talking, all right, buddy? Lay it on me. I want to understand what it is that people dislike about me. I want to know what they’re really thinking. Oh. That’s a heavy responsibility. Are you sure you’re ready for that? You’re not gonna always like what people say. Well, I thought I could ask for whatever I wanted. It’s not like you’re gonna give it to me or anything. Oh, that is so cheap-looking. You’re never gonna get any girls handing out stuff like that. Please! This pin is infused with the magic of Christmas. The magic of Christmas? How does it work? Oh, you wait till the stroke of midnight, and then you look to the Christmas star, and you make a wish. Really? Mm, no, not really. It’s a pin. You wear it. Thanks, but it’s not my style. Take it. I don’t want it.