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Very kind of you. Pardon me! Go to your room at once. We believe the seeds of genius are in all children. We strive to develop their instincts, encourage their impulses. Here is an ambitious young sculptor. What’s that you’re making? Fig leaf. Interesting. Nothing interesting about a fig leaf. Open, frank, uninhibited. That’s what we encourage. Telephone message for Mr Jaume. Did they give any name? Miss Ann Kay. Might be about that check, you’d better go see. Where is the telephone? This way, please. Show His Excellency to my office. This way, Your Majesty. And here is our bakery. Excuse me, Your Majesty. And this young man specializes in Viennese pastries. This is some of our little friend’s handicraft. These are exactly the same as the ones he’s been making. Would you like to taste one? Oh no, thank you. And here, Your Majesty, we have an infant phenomenon. A remarkable child of ten. He’s quite a historian, editor of our school magazine. Very interesting. This, Your Majesty, is Rupert, our young editor. How do you do, Rupert? Sit down. What’s that you’re reading? Karl Marx. Surely you’re not a communist? Do I have to be a communist to read Karl Marx? That’s a valid answer. Well, if you’re not a communist, what are you? Nothing. Nothing? I dislike all forms of government. But somebody must rule! And I don’t like the word ”rule”. Well, if we don’t like the word ”rule”, let’s call it ”leadership”. Leadership in government is political power and political power is an official form of antagonizing the people. What magazine did you say he edits? A commentary on current events. Pardon me, Your Majesty. But my dear young man, politics are necessary. Politics are rules imposed upon the people. But in this country rules are not imposed, they are the wish of all free citizens. Travel around a bit, then you’ll see how free they are. You didn’t let me finish. They have every man in a straightjacket and without a passport he can’t move a toe. In a free world they violate the natural rights of every citizen. They have