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and do exactly as I say. [GUN CLANGS ON GROUND] OK, now, I want Mr. Sneaky Man to come around and join his partner, Mr. Bonehead. Sorry, GUYS- You will swing for this, James. I you not! I don’t know, boys, but they look pretty goddamn sweet to me. [LAUGHS] What do you think? [LAUGHTER] What do you think? How you doing? I’m OK. I think my body’s gone into shock from all the alcohol. I’d like to sit down, actually. What was that for? You didn’t like it. No, I liked it Games a lot. Then shut up. [REGGAE MUSIC] It feels like we’re drivin’ in circles. Carl could be anywhere. You want some? Promise you’re not gonna scream and cry if I take that gag off? Now, if you’re lyin’, Louis’ll have to bash you. You do understand, don’t you? Thank you. Thank you. It needs sugar. What? Nothing. It’s not lookin’ too good, is it? You givin’ up? I never give up. I never have. Never once, James. I’m gonna take us back along the esplanade. Feels like a long shot to me. At this point in time, everything’s a long shot. I can’t see anything. Frost, gimme some light. This is just a little uncool, Luzinski. Our brouhaha is with Carl, not with the chick. I’m just makin’ a simple adjustment, nothing major. Shake ’em up a little bit. Now, can I have some light, please? Thank you. Come on, come on. Hurry up. Oh, yeah. Now let’s find James, and teach that simple bastard a lesson too. Hiya, kids. Are we having fun? Ted, what’s happening? Who the hell are you guys? HEY, shut up, you! What the hell is that? It’s a taser. A what? A taser. , volts of electricity. This thing completely incapacitates the victim without killing them. I got it on sale. Let’s move it. Let’s go. Put your hands up. [TENSE MUSIC] Ted, I think you should do something. If you come up with any ideas, please let me know. We have the right to know what’s going on here. Hey, put a cork in it, sister. You have no more rights. And you, buying a goddamn laser gun. Taser. Whatever. You’ve always gotta be so different. I’m in no mood, all right. Just lay off. No, you gotta be creative. I said lay off. When I say “now”, start running. You know, Biff, you’re an amazing man. You know about absolutely nothing. Now I’ve just heard everything. Hold it, honey. You listen to me, you Italian son of a , and you listen good. The clay you tell me I don’t know and I let you get away with it is the day that that ocean freezes over. That’s it. You’re over. Furthermore, you dumb bastard- [SCREAMING] Now! That’s my car! Looks pretty undriveable. Come on! Come on, come on. Let’s go! Ted! Ted, what the hell’s going on? I left out a couple of things about myself. I’m waiting, you son of a ! First of all, my name isn’t Ted. It’s Carl. So from now on when you yell for me in a panic, yell Carl. Something tells me there’s more. OK, last night you and Jack Berger had a fight. An argument in your apartment, right? How the hell could you have possibly known that? Look, Susan, I don’t live in your building. I am a garbageman. I live across the street from you. Now, I have been watching you almost every day for