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Ninja Mafia Siege, Ninja Mafia Siege Game, Play Ninja Mafia Siege Games, Online Free Ninja Mafia Siege Flash Game

Control : Arrow keys to move. A and S to attack.

  Okay, um, how would you guys like to pose? I think this looks good. That’s easy. Let’s do this. Here we go. One. Two… Stop…! This is crazy. is picture is going to be terrible. Virginia. Look at you people. There’s no theme. How is anybody supposed to know we’re a family? We look like a bunch of idiots who just met each other at a thrift store. We’re not even posing. I mean, come on. Pick something. Arm in arm. Shoulder train. Conga line. Rappers. Anything. Ninja Mafia Siege it, at the very least, we should be all facing away from the camera and look over our shoulders. Mom, settle down. It’s okay. It is not okay, Play Game! It is not okay! Because the picture isn’t perfect. And if the picture isn’t perfect, there isn’t any reason to take it. Oh, for God’s sake, am I the only one who sees that giant tree branch of a hair growing out of the side of Ninja Mafia Siege neck?! Hey. you ok? No. Play Game’s paying.