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It’s not you. Easy. Ow. Ow! Stop! Lillith! What are you doing? What the are you doing? SCREAMING GASP SCREAMING GAGGING AND GURGLING SCREAMING PANTING WITH FEAR You all right? She’s a demon called Lillith. She was sent to murder your child. You can’t wait for Nick. By now he’s found the house again. What are you talking about? Hey, I don’t understand. Lillith, Christophe, and Sammael. Three demons of hell. Their purpose was to destroy the baby and make sure Nick found his way into the cellar of that house. Destroy the baby? Lillith’s the eater of the young. The one you call Chris, he creates illusions, like roadsides you see but aren’t there, or towns that look empty when they’re not. Now I don’t know where you should go, but if you want your child to live, you leave Nick behind and you make it far away from here. No, wait! I’m not leaving Nick behind. Why would Nick go back to the house? He wouldn’t leave me. The beast is forbidden to enter the human world. Only his human son can invite him, and only during the boy’s rd year. Why do you think he can touch someone and see their terrible deaths? Because Nick is the son of terrible deaths. SHOUTING And he can never be allowed to invite his father out of that cellar. You’re wrong. You don’t know Nick. You won’t know him when he finds out who he is, or who his father his, or that he was conceived so that he could invite hell on Earth. CHRIS OFFSCREEN She found her way to the car. Sun’ll be up in an hour, and even Ryan will find the highway. But you Game come on, you gotta stop running, Nick. ‘Cause you’re always gonna end up right back here. You don’t have to be afraid of him. What the hell are you? Come on, Nick. That’s kind of a big question. The same as Sam? We come from the same place. We had a job to do, Nick, and that was to see that you found your way to that cellar, just like your mother did on the day you were conceived. Is it really here in there? Or is that just a dream? With what your house is sitting on, you’re gonna have a few lost souls in the walls.