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I don’t know where he is. General, it’s good to see you. First of all, what news of Betsy? Her letter gives little hope .. Of her being home for several months yet. Angelica is still improving? ─ Yes, but slowly. I miss Betsy. You should get out more. Enjoy yourself. Let someone else run the country for a change. By the way. I met Jefferson and Monroe this morning. They asked me to tell you that they’ll call on you today for a friendly chat. A friendly chat? That sounds fishy. They want something. From what Tom Jefferson said, I think it’s about the location of the capital. Oh, the Residence Bill. Well, where do they want the capital? In Jefferson’s parlor, I suppose? Exactly. They want the capital of these United States to be in the South. Well, why not? You mean to say you’d let the capital of the United States go to the South? Where do you think it should be? Where? Why, Albany of course. Your home town. In your parlor, I suppose. No, no General. Certainly not Albany. Why, “certainly not Albany”?