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 Okay.  I’m not gonna lay all that on you.  Okay.  I’m not gonna get heavy with you.  Okay. Even though I can see you’re feeling chatty right now. Yeah.  Good show.  Ninja Painter… Seven pitches, you believe that? Yes, I do. Three batters, seven pitches. Ninja Painter: What do you got? Nothing. Bottom of the order went down in seven pitches. Maybe tomorrow. Whatever happened to the ninthinning rally, huh? Yeah, and why don’t we use semicolons anymore? This show needs a ninthinning rally. I think, under the circumstances, the show is doing fine. I think so, too. Then why did you say we need a ninthinning rally? I wasn’t speaking metaphorically. I meant the show could use an actual ninthinning rally. The show hasn’t even started yet. I’m not talking about the show. I’m saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if the show we’re about to do included a ninthinning rally?” And we’re saying that in order to have a ninthinning rally, the show would have to necessarily begin from a Ninja Painter position, which neither one of us thinks would be great.