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Game Control : ZXCVB to do tricks.

  it’s a Monsanto genetically modified, abiotic-stress-resistant seed. The chemical companies and the genet–and Monsanto and all of these companies are working together to make us totally dependent on their products for growing corn or growing any kind of agricultural product or trees, whatever. We’re going to corporatize not only where the rainfall goes and who gets it through geoengineering and weather modification schemes, but we’re also going to say that these are gonna be the only crops that are gonna grow in areas where we’re putting in toxic chemicals that are coming down and altering the soils. One of the most basic things about human society is that we need food and water. And these are two of the things that, uh, are most severely dependent upon good weather– rain at the right time of the year, sunshine so crops can grow. Not enough sunshine, and they don’t grow. Too much water, the plants die. Not enough water, the plants die. All of this goes back to the amount of food that’s available. So if you starve people, they will be vulnerable.