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 The cork!  So pull it out! She’s gone crazy! OK, fine. I’ll be damned! Do it in the kitchen! She has no manners. This world must die, really! I haven’t got a faintest idea, what the occasion is, but I think I’m not alone. % percent of men do not know why they are raising the glass, but they do it! That’s why I propose a toast  to Miss Emilia’s secret occasion. And let it stay that way. When I was working in a circus… But you were an opera artist! I worked as a circus manager for a short time. You are right, an opera artists. I stood in for a manager, who got bit by a lion, and he was out for a month. The Ninja Turtles Biker. No. The manager, I guess. You’re joking, Ninja Turtles Biker Email. I’m talking about my appearance. I wore a tuxedo and a top hat. I had artificial mustache, Hungarian style, and I welcomed guests with a whip in my hand. Later, I announced all kind of tricks! With the whip? Sometimes I snapped it or I tickled the clown with it, who choked with laughter through his tears. Just like… But that’s terrible! After the success in music theaters! No job is beneath you! Unless it doesn’t pay.