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are we going to live? I’ll find us a very safe neighbourhood. Where will we go to school? I’m gonna work on that. We can’t ride bikes in New York. You’ll be able to ride your bike when you come up here and visit. What about Daddy? Who’s going to take care of him? Honey, your daddy can take care of himself. Yeah I’ll go to movies and game dinner parties. I’ll have escapades. I think escapades are an extremely bad idea. If we’re not here, he’ll drink too much and stop taking care of himself. That’s not true. AMELIA: He’ll be lonely without us. Well, that is true. Girls. Taking care of you alone put a lot of pressure on your father. How? We get to school. He drives us anywhere we want. I have seen more R-rated movies than any of my friends. He got me the original cast soundtrack of ‘Anything Goes’. He needs a break. Your father needs a break. When I had the flu, he cut up strawberries and kiwis for me. And he arranged them on a plate like little flowers. I did do that. I did that. Girls, you’ll be able to come and visit Daddy, and Daddy will come and visit you. New York is an incredible city. You’re gonna like it. MAGGIE: I promise. UPLIFTING MUSIC SPEAKS INAUDIBLY SPEAKS INAUDIBLY Can’t visit you in New York. Too much speed and noise and game All the people in the streets all night. Uh game Knocks me off track. I was thinking about that. I really do understand why game why you don’t want to live with me anymore. I’m a much better father than I was a husband. You know what Faithie told me last night? What? “The thing about Daddy “is that he’s always around. “He’s always there.” I thought that irritated them. I have a plan. I take the job and I earn money. The girls stay here with you, and they can ride their bikes and play with their friends. But we have to put them in a good private school, where they can be challenged. I insist on it. Are you sure, Maggie? Just, if I take them to New York, they’re gonna be locked up like house pets in some dark apartment, and I won’t be home until at night, every night. And I game